Hungover and Pregnant

They’ll be a baby on-board in just a few days
But baby I’m bored of your puritan ways
I wanna whoop it up where’d ya hide the one hitter
Might as well do it ‘for we need a baby sitter
Eight months of Shirley Temples, watered down O’Douls
I ain’t no sucker baby and I ain’t no fool

I’m gonna be Hungover and pregnant

If I’m gonna have morning sickness, I’m gonna do it right
I’m gonna rip it up tonight I’m gonna get tight
What happened last night, I hope the baby knows
I hope it still has ten fingers and ten toes
Two for ones are really two for twos
And there’s only one way to chase away the blues

I’m gonna be hungover and pregnant

Marlboro red box Corona with a lime
I know the baby likes it cuz it’s kickin overtime
Some people drink alone but I never do
I’ve always got my drinkin buddy right inside my womb
He’s a chip off the block and a good time Charlie
Tomorrow morning we’ll be feeling pretty gnarly

We’re gonna be hungover and pregnant

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