The Detector

Listen/Download The Detector (demo v2.0 removed drum loop, and over the top effects and mixing)

Listen/Download The Detector (very rough demo)

black boxes with flashing lights
alarm bells, L.C.D.s and G-P-S
dialing in your location, tuning in your frequencies
super high tech LED machines
you’re like lactose – shelfish – and nuts –
I get all itchy and my throat swells shut
I feel much better when I don’t lay eyes on you

(I got a) bull shit [detector] asshole [detector]
(I got a) idiot [detector] and I’m coming after you…

(I got a) shit head [detector] pompous git [Detector]
I got your number and I’m doing what I can to avoid you

driving around in a big white van
tinted windows and an extra man
tranq guns tracking beacons
[cold pizza and beer]

gonna study you moving around
gonna see where you hang in town
gonna put an end to you,
your friends, and your game

-call response guitar solo reprise of main riff-

Verse (slight return):
the bells are ringing and the lights all flash
the detector’s humming and I’m getting a rash
science finally made a day
when I can stay out of your way uh-hun-ha

(I got a) fuck head [detector],
dirt bag [detector]
(I got a) dill hole [detector]…
.. and I’m coming after you…

(I got a) jerk off [detector]
douche bag [Detector],…
and I finally got a way to avoid you.

fades out all sing:
[jerk ass detector, scum bag detector, needy sponge detector ] bla bla bla bla
[self centered detector, black hole detector, poison pen detector] ya da yada ya

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