UFO Logbook

Tell me it’s a hoax, I’m being played for a fool.
Your story’s gonna change when they’re sampling your stool.
Your nothin’ special and you’re nothin’ unique.
Just some more DNA extracted from your cheeks
Ain’t no weather balloon so keep your mouth shut.
It’s manned by the men who’re puttin’ things in your butt.

Your in the UFO logbook, baby!

Implantation and anal probation.
Got plans for you and there ain’t no salvation.
You’re going up in the sky to take a naughty nap.
They’ll be diggin’ deep inside just to find a piece of crap.
You say Alf wouldn’t do this and either would ET
But they’re trollin’ the galaxy just lookin’ for feces.

You’re in the UFO logbook, baby!
Enter the log!

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