Who is HoleHog?


After years of hardcore drug abuse and a small stint in federal prison, Krustine is finally settling down. Thankfully, for everyone involved, she has chosen to settle down with HoleHog.
A veteran of the Scandinavian Death Metal scene, Krustine has fronted many potentially commercial bands in the past. FuckFester, Infanticide, and Glory Hole, to name a few. Unfortunately, her insane thirst for drugs, alcohol, and underage groupies consistently guaranteed disaster for all projects. Hopefully, after finding new energy in being clean and sober, Hole Hog will not be another one of those failed ventures.


T. can best be described in one word…Arsonist.
Reportedly responsible for over two hundred church fires in the Midwest over the last ten years, it is well known that T. likes flames. Though he has never been prosecuted or even formally charged with any crimes, rumours abound everytime a suspicious fire is set near a HoleHog concert. [Which is quite often]
Publicly, T. denies such accusations, insisting that his side projects involving pyrotechnics-gone-wrong is merely coincidence.


Despite being thought of as the trouble maker of the group, Skip is probably the most stable. It was five years ago that the swaggering bass player was charged with attempted manslaughter. It was at a gig put on by the Veterans Of Foreign Wars. Many bands played, raising money for various local charities. About halfway into their set, Skip claims twelve year old Collin Anderson began giving him ‘the hard stare’. The rest is history. After being struck upon the head several times with the bass and stabbed with the neck of a Jack Daniels bottle, Collin will never be the same. Many believe that Skip’s deep pockets account for him never being charged for the crime, but those who know him realize that it was just a misunderstanding.

Nate AKA the Fifth Hog


Long rumored to be the fifth Hog, “Doctor” Nate became an official a member of HoleHog in 2009. Nate started out  with HoleHog, in 1974, as their spiritual mentor, personal physician and bus driver. After the mysterious deaths a series of fifth hogs (only 10 have been documented) in late night roll-over hi-jinks, prescription mix-ups and unexplained road-side “incidents”, HoleHog decided the only way a fifth Hog could survive a tour was if that Hog was actually Nate, and so a legend was born. Lacking any natural musical ability or training, Nate was first given the post of keyboardist, but it soon became evident that keys did not fit the HoleHog sound. Switching to guitar it was instantly apparent that his lack of technique proved a perfect complement T’s sound, sometimes described as a wall of butter drenched left-foot Air Jordans. Whether by accident or by plan, Nate is the only member of HoleHog with a clean driving record.


He’s the drummer, and a swell fella.

About T Hog

Lead Guitarist